Quigg outboxed by Frampton suffers first loss

By: Ron Valderrama/Examiner.com

Photo: Cyclone Productions/Matchroom Boxing

Scott Quigg (31-1-2, 23 KOs) experienced his first loss in the ring last night and was simply outboxed, losing by split decision to Carl Frampton (22-0, 14 KOs) in a 12 round super bantamweight bout in Manchester, UK.

A large crowd in excess of twenty thousand, many travelling from Ireland to witness in person this long-awaited bout at Manchester Arena. It was proof that UK boxing fans are hardcore and love to watch the sweet science in person and will spare nothing to do so.

The win awarded Carl Frampton the WBA belt to add to his collection, he is currently the IBFchampion as well. Frampton set the tone early, mixing up his punches with a very effective jab and looping hooks that forced Quigg to take a more defensive angle in the early rounds, but most definitely a cautious fight was fought by both.

In round 4, Frampton worked his way inside and landed a blistering uppercut that stunned Quigg, it has been reported that Quigg may have broken his jaw and that may have prevented him from fighting the fight he wanted to fight. Although Quigg was landing a few good shots, it was clear he was falling behind on the scorecards.

In the later rounds, Quigg began mounting a decent attack and made adjustments, far different than the earlier rounds when Quigg seemed to have no answers to Frampton’s onslaught of punches.

Frampton remained in control up to the end, seemingly a clear winner as the final bell sounded. Judge Carlos Surce scored the bout 116-112, Dave Parris scored it 116-112, and a surprising score of 113-115 from judge Levi Martinez and declaring Carl Frampton the winner by split decision.

Without a doubt, this fight had the potential to go either way. At the weigh-in Scott Quigg appeared to be weight drained, this could have played a role in his performance. Not taking away from Carl Frampton, he has proven his ring savvy and deserves to be rated as one of the best in boxing.

For Quigg, it’s back to the drawing board. Although he came alive in the later rounds and managed to corner Frampton a few times, his punches seemed to lack the power and had little effect on Frampton. Boxing fans have witnessed a much better Scott Quigg in the past, he just lost to a better Carl Frampton this night.

As for Frampton, his future is looking pretty bright right now and has some options. Reportedly, a rematch is no problem if he must, it’s not the intention for Frampton, although he said it could happen if fans want it. It has been reported that Frampton’s manager, Barry McGuigan has hinted an interest in facing Leo Santa Cruz, but will likely face Guillermo Rigondeaux. Boxing fans in the United States would most likely love to see him match up against Rigondeaux or perhaps Leo Santa Cruz. Either way, Frampton is the one to beat right now, whoever he faces, expect toe-to-toe action and a good payday.