URshow.tv early results from Phoenix

By: Ron Valderrama/Ronatingside.com

Photo: Ronatringside.com

Joe Yeager won his bout against Tony Lopez in an exciting MMA match that had action-a-plenty. Yeager had Lopez in defensive mode for most of the match, landing clean and precise blows to the head and body of Lopez. In the end, the fight would go the distance. The judges scored the bout in favor of Yeager for the win.

The second MMA bout of the evening was a barn burner, Kobe Ortiz faced Brendan Tierney in a fight that was over in round two, but action packed. The two fighters battled in the first round, and it didn’t take long for Ortiz to find opportunity, striking Tierney with some hard shots to the body and face. Tierney did the best he could, but he was taking a beating. The fight ended in round two.