Lomachenko/Rigondeaux and Salido/Roman Fight Predictions

By: Albert Alvarez/Alvarez Boxing

December 9

At New York (ESPN/ESPN Deportes):

Vasyl Lomachenko(9-1) Vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux(17-0)- I don’t even know where to begin on this classic super quick high-speed chess match.

In Lomachenko we have a boxer who is constantly setting up traps by leaving the door slightly open right before he slams it shut on you.

Lomachenko loves to give a false sense of security to his foes with space and soft punches, he then changes speed variations on his punches and devours you with an ultra-quick well placed shots from every unseen angle.

Rigondeaux, on the other hand, is quite possibly the very best at using space between him and his prey, Rigondeaux is a master at forcing his opponents to over commit on shots and space while he then times your actions with rapid power shots.

In 50/50 fights I tend to go with the fighter that has the quicker eyes, the sharper boxer usually finds a way to get the job done.

But in this case, both fighters are boxing geniuses so one may be better off flipping a coin in picking a winner in this tactical clash between two Gold medals a piece untouchable boxers.

As you can see it’s a very tough call to make but I am taking Lomachenko to win the rounds a bit more convincingly for the majority time on those too close to call rounds. Give me Lomachenko to win in a close 7 rounds to 5 split decision.

At Las Vegas (HBO):

Orlando Salido(44-13-4) Vs. Mickey Roman(57-12)- This war between two vicious dogs can very well be the last toe to toe fight that we’ll be treated for to close out a strong 2017 boxing year.

Roman knows that he must look to box Siri Salido intelligently, but Salido has a way of dragging all of his foes into dirty junkyard bloody shootouts.

I’m taking Salido to beat Roman by a thrilling 10th round technical knockout stoppage.