Hall of Fame fighter Michael Carbajal to debut as trainer

By: Albert Alvarez/Arizona Boxing and MMA Network

Photo: Arizona Boxing and MMA Network

In speaking with Legendary fighter Michael Carbajal earlier this evening, here are some of his quotes that I got from him and his fighter Johnny Tijerina.

How do you feel on making your training debut this coming Saturday night on IronBoy 28? Are you excited about it?

Carbajal- I feel good but it’s not really about me, it’s about my fighter Johnny Tijerina making his boxing debut. At the end of the day, the fighter makes the trainer. As far as being excited for myself, not really because even when I used to fight I was never excited. I just wanted to get in there and kick some ass.

What would you say is Tijerina’s biggest strength?

Carbajal- He is determined and a real student of the game.

What have you been working on the most with Tijerina in leadingup to his debut?

Carbajal- Working on getting him to turn his shots all the way over, he used to kind of slap with his shots. But now he can put everything on his shots.

So Johnny Tijerina I am hearing that you are a real student of the game, talk to us about that?

Tijerina- I study a lot of fighters, mostly older fighters like my trainer Michael Carbajal to Willie Pep.

What has been the best advice Carbajal has given you thus far?

Tijerina- Everything he says to me is great advice, I soak it all in.

Get your IronBoy 28 tickets now folks, it’s going to be another stellar show.